Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Exactly Imprecise

(not equal to) zilch is a series of four-track remixes from late 1988 and 1989. A Flavorful Taste of Nothing and Exactly Imprecise are very similar with different remix versions of three works. First with PBK and If,Bwana [ny] which is complex and densely textured brooding. Second is a beautiful combination of Fiora Carones [it], and Agog [ca] called FiorAgog. This melds guitar treatments with sound improvisations and results in a sensitive journey though many ideas. Finally a different and shorter remix of For Sleep Has No Boundaries. Multiple Agog sources deliciously and deliriously interweaving.

Nothing Enormous

Spilling Nothing Twice

Spilling Nothing Twice has the disjointed "Scratch" remix, a curious and surreal piece called "Hailey Slept Here", more remix variations from the two above mentioned releases and the genius "8's #2" which is one of my earliest and best 4-track works ever. I wonder how I did this because if I could only recreate this 'formula' I'd be doing some incredible pieces.

The Theory Behind Rain is Moisture

Spilling Nothing Twice and The Theory Behind Rain is Moisture are recordings with PBK and others. Truly thought-provoking ventures into unnatural outlets for creative expression. These tapes dig deep into a world nobody would want to live in.

Caressing the Void Lovingly b/w CBC I.D.A.

Caressing the Void Lovingly is a great tape of remixes PBK [ca], Ditto [nl], and Tom Furgas [oh]. All this is confusingly presented thorough ambiguous use of multi-negatives such as the descriptive line from this tape "Never knowing nothing negates the unknown." Get it? The B-side is a CBC3 experiment in loops and lower thought levels than you thought possible.